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Divine Expression

Divine Expression

I’m sending you all a visual happiness wish for the New Year, 2022. I drew it in stages; then I realized after printing how it was sending a reminder that we are all special expressions of the Divine. I feel it’s so important, in these times when certain elements in our world are trying very hard to divide and diminish us, that we remember who we really are and that we have great strength together in love and resonance. Be well and happy and remember that joy, singing, hugging and loving are the greatest tools in our arsenal of health and spiritual growth.

With Joyous, Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

See a larger image of the Symbala, ‘Divine Expression‘.

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Introducing New Symbala For December, 2021

February 1st, 2022

Cascading Joy

What I love about this Symbala is the joyous momentum it gave me, which is reflected in how I named it. I didn’t plan it. The Symbalas always seem to pull me in to their own purpose. As I drew it, I felt the energy of a clear mountain stream bounding down a mountain slope. It embraced me in a rush of pure freedom and release. Even the word ‘cascade’ feels like a liquid intention of movement which invites others to join in the fun or expansion.

As I remember it, especially from my childhood, that was how I felt at this time of the year – swept up in the flood of beauty, joy and love! I truly appreciate this energy now for so many inner and outer reasons. My wish to all of you is for a similar heart-flood of ‘Cascading Joy’!

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

See a larger image of the Symbala, ‘Cascading Joy‘.

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Introducing New Symbala for November, 2021

February 1st, 2022

Releasing Resistance

People innerstanding the path to their ‘true power’ is so important any time, but in this time of huge changes it has never been so important. It’s not just societal structure that’s evolving; it’s we, as spiritual beings, that are evolving dimensionally to embrace the Golden Age. This journey towards peace and prosperity comes with many challenges, both inner and outer. The ability to release resistance and attachments will serve us well.

I drew this new Symbala with a ten–base geometry to represent the moving of man, a five-base geometry, into a higher resonance of self. With love the challenges spin out into the release of our ‘true power’.

With Loving, Releasing Resonance, Lahrinda

See a larger image of the Symbala, ‘Releasing Resistance‘.

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Featured Symbala of the Month, October 2021

October 16th, 2021

Joyously Becoming

This new Symbala is inspired by an energetic process that can lead to the ‘I Am’ presence.

Seven is the foundation number in the geometry of searching, becoming and process itself. Think of the 7 as a combination of the energies of the 3 plus the 4, like building a house. The 3 is the triangular roof of creative, seeking momentum, placed upon the 4 foundation helping to stabilize and give substance to the 7 house.

With its quality of being an uneven number not dividing equally into the 360 degrees of a circle or mandala (which results in a slight distortion in the drawing), 7 becomes a perfect vehicle for the off-center momentum of the seeking process.

Becoming is the spiritual expansion of you through the rainbow colors of your experiences. May this Symbala support you with your prismatic journey.

Loving Resonance With Our Journey, Lahrinda

See a larger image of the Symbala, ‘Joyously Becoming’:
Featured Symbala of the Month, October 2021.

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Dr. Mark Hyman: America’s ‘Toxic Diet’ to Blame for COVID Deaths And More!

February 6, 2022

FDA Grants Full Approval of Moderna’s Spikevax COVID Vaccine — Another ‘Bait-and-Switch?’

Joe Rogan Up Against ‘Powerful Interests,’ as More Musicians Threaten to Remove Music From Spotify

Pfizer, FDA Ask Court to Further Delay Release of COVID Vaccine Safety Data

These 5 Studies Reveal a Disturbing Trend — Researchers Presenting Conclusions That Don’t Match the Data

Most Toxic Food in the World? Farmed Salmon.

Megyn Kelly: ‘Red-Pilled’ Moms Fed Up With COVID Restrictions on Kids

Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis Injuring Record Number of Young People. Will Shots Also Bankrupt Families?

Urgent! Stop FDA Approval of Pfizer Shots for Kids 6 Months to 4 Years

FDA Used ‘Critically Flawed’ Risk-Benefit Analysis to ‘Justify’ COVID Vaccines for Children

Dr. Mark Hyman: America’s ‘Toxic Diet’ to Blame for COVID Deaths

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4 February 2022
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Violet Flame Invocation ***

Violet Laser Light!

The Earth Prayer for Peace And More! From Da Vid

The Earth Prayer for Peace

By Amethyst Freeman

The following prayer is given as a gift of love for all people on earth and from every spiritual belief to use by their own free will, with the hope that it will help to create a world of peace with freedom between all people on earth in a common bond of communication, understanding, sharing, community and abundance.

 We Claim the Earth for Light and Love and Peace with Freedom …

The Call:

Beloved Heavenly Father-Mother God, Beloved seven mighty Archangels and

Angels of Peace and Freedom, Cosmic forces of the Christ Consciousness and the Divine Mother, Ascended beings of light, love and truth we call for your assistance at this time on Earth. We call as one united voice saying we will not allow our earth and her people to be taken on a downward spiral of  Bio-terrorism, war, chaos and disintegration. The “Call and Prayer Compels the Answer” and we offer the following prayer so that the earth and her people may now enter a golden age in a harmonious manner, living lives of peace with freedom and understanding, community, sharing and abundance. 

The Prayer:

We claim the earth so that we may be, Free for Love and light and victory. In one united voice we call, Peace, love light and freedom for one and all. We do not seek violent ways,

By war and bloodshed as in former days. We invoke golden, pink and violet rays of peace, On angels’ wings of mercy and healing rays comes Earth’s release.

We call to heaven’s hosts, angels of light, love and truth, Come to Earth with millions of legions, We welcome you. Transmute all plots and plans of terrorism and war, And in their place, love, light and harmony our earth restore.

Blaze the light through, Blaze the love through, Transmute acts of terrorism and plans for war. No more, no more, no more, Thus far no farther, thus far no farther, thus far no farther, Peace be still, Peace be still, Peace be still, Blaze the light through, Blaze the love through, Purify all on earth and Earth’s peace restore. We claim peace with freedom, Our divine expression so true, Of love, light and sharing and community too. A golden age now manifest for all humanity, All for one and one for all, living harmoniously.

To heaven’s hosts and angels of love, light and truth, With heartfelt gratitude, we offer thanks to you. Guide, guard and protect us in the coming days, So we may live our lives in peace and freedom’s way. (Give 3x)

We accept that the “Call and Prayer Compels the Answer” and ask for it to be sealed in our hearts and the heart of the Divine Mother of Peace and the Cosmic Christ of Love. Thy will be done. Amen or So be it.

“The Earth Prayer for Peace” is given as a gift of love to all people of the Earth to use and may not be altered in any form. Permission is given to circulate freely, electronically or in print.


Sacred Geometry 240 Digital Art by Endre                      Balogh

IntoTheLight.news Great em[powering Articles Worthy Of Your Time!!


In the 02/01/2022 edition:


Feb 01, 2022 04:05 pm
Dearest Ones you are all going through a change in your lives as you move forwards into a different dimension. Eventually you will reach a 5th Dimension of Love, Peace and Harmony. As you can imagine a part of humanity is not even close to living in this New World. Every single soul has the choice to be able to live in this new Dimension but some souls will have decided that they may need to learn more on another plane of existence. We are here to remind you that the main body of lightworkers and their families (even though they may not have woken up, yet so to speak) have contracted to stay on planet Earth at this time.
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Matt Kahn: You always have this – no matter what

Feb 01, 2022 03:53 pm
In every breath you take, love is always here. Throughout any personal encounter, love is always here. No matter what comes together or whatever is pulled apart, love is always here. In your greatest moment of achievement or even in your darkest hour of uncertainty, love is always here. Whether in the aftermath of tragedy or in the presence of your highest triumph, love is always here. When life is flowing, inspired, and harmonious, and even if it’s frustrating, annoying, painful, or inconvenient, love is always here.
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Jesus through John: Intend to be fully integrated within the field of Love

Feb 01, 2022 03:49 pm
The collective awakening of humanity is proceeding apace, so do not allow yourselves to be unduly disturbed by the less than uplifting stories that the MSM focuses on, and then publishes with monotonous regularity in order to spread fear and anxiety.  There is far more going on in the world, and of a far more uplifting nature, that is clearly indicating that your awakening is progressing quite beautifully.  The divine Will is always achieved, so release any doubts to which you may be clinging, even inadvertently.
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Messages from Ann & the Angels – 01/29/2022 • One Soul at a Time

Feb 01, 2022 03:46 pm
My dear friends, we love you so very much, While your world focuses on death, we focus on life. When your world focuses on war, we focus on peace. When one of you focuses on hatred, we focus on the love trying to sprout beneath a hardened surface. Eternally, we hold the vision of the life you want to live and the version of earth that you all, mutually, want to create – one of harmony, well-being, kindness, peace, and tolerance.
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SaLuSa: The Mesh Of Time, War Rumors, Marian Fleet, Inevitable Fate, Portal 02/02

Feb 01, 2022 03:37 pm
The idea of a secure future where you can roam freely and have access to the most wonderful galactic technologies, travel through the Solar System and beyond, and see the eradication of all diseases from your planet seems far from happening in the minds of some. It is true that with the picture they are shown every day on their news, this really does seem like a utopian dream. For this reason, we have been calling all of you not to focus on what they try to deliver every day, so that you are not in low vibrations, but that you feed the good thoughts that will surely move the energies and take you to this most sublime reality, which is not mere utopia, but a truth that is in the lifting of the veils.
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James Gilliland: Phoenix Rising in The UFO Community

Feb 01, 2022 03:33 pm
It seems as if a nuke has been dropped on the UFO community. It is becoming like a reality show. Truth is, it has always been, like the show, Survivor with extreme competition, backstabbing with a jungle of traps and pitfalls. I call what is now unfolding the uncivil war. We wonder why we have not had contact within the UFO community. Why don’t the ETs land and join the conferences? Fact of the matter is contact with spiritually and technologically advanced beings on the whole has never been welcome. The good old boys club want to keep it nuts and bolts constantly bringing on their experts most of which have never even seen a UFO, had contact and are extremely jealous of anyone that has. There is also the extreme cover up of the fact that we have been going back and forth to the moon and mars since the 60’s and have been in contact as well as working with ETs before then with German technology.
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Judith Kusel: Entering the Age of Love

Feb 01, 2022 03:28 pm
We have entered the Age of Love, with the New Earth. It means the beautiful balance, harmony and inner wisdom which true love brings within us, and I am not talking about the love between a man and woman here. I am talking about the deepest marriage within, between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, within and thus the true balance, the harmony, the return to the androgynous state, of the All Being. We are in a state of immense transfiguration and as the Divine Feminine and the Holy Sophia are making their presence felt intensely now, we are being reminded that this is Age of the Heart and Soul, and indeed living, being, expressing unconditional Love, which is all-embracing, while living our innate Soul Wisdom, As ONE with the Divine Source.
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The Arcturian Council: On the Doorstep of Change

Feb 01, 2022 03:21 pm
Hello our dear ones. We are the Arcturians along with many members of the Arcturian Council. We are honored and delighted as always to connect with all of you. It is a privilege for us to not only witness humanity’s ongoing evolution, but to be a part of it in any way possible. You are truly at the precipice of a new era. It is as if though, you are at the doorstep of great change. But as you approach this doorstep, and the door begins to open, it shines upon you a new light, a light not seen or felt before. This new light, our dear ones, is bathing you in a universal love, in a universal light that will act for each of you as a catalyst, as a key, if you will, to help open you up to more and more energy, guidance, and information that is dawning upon your Earth at this time.
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