70 Reasons To Eat More Flaxseed and More!!!

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September 26th, 2022

70 Reasons To Eat More Flaxseed

The science has never been clearer: flaxseed deserves to be top of the list of the world’s most important medicinal foods. For just pennies a day it may protect against dozens of life-threatening health conditions.

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Discover results-driven, evidence-based natural medicine research on the health benefits of flaxseed in the GreenMedInfo database.

The Next-Level Science of Sound Healing
Modern science reveals to us much about the role of sound in the creation of our universe — as well as in fueling and healing our very bodies and energetic systems.

On Tuesday, October 4, with acoustics scientist John Stuart Reid, you’ll explore the healing power of light frequencies, taking a deep dive into the relationship between sound, light, water, and electricity — to reveal how their shared synergy generates the very electricity that gives us all life.

Brave: Live Courageously, Heal Miraculously
Investigative journalist and filmmaker, Jonathan Otto’s BRAND NEW 9-Episode docuseries, BRAVE: Live Courageously, Heal Miraculously, brings the discussion about shedding and vaccines forward.
The Pelvic Floor Secrets Workshop
Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS, has helped 15,000 women (to date) heal completely from intimacy pain, leaking, and other “lady parts” problems…WITHOUT meds, surgery, or injections. If you’re interested in finally taking back control of your pelvic health, or just curious about WHY what Isa teaches is so different and revolutionary, join us September 28-30.
Regenerate: Unlocking Your Body’s Radical Resilience Through The New Biology
Radical resilience – not disease – is your body’s destiny

Regenerate means to rejuvenate, revitalize, and renew. These words hold great promise, especially for so many of us who feel something is wrong, most often in our bodies but increasingly in our souls.

Sayer Ji wrote this book in the hopes that he can help others who are experiencing persistent symptoms or sickness to pause and consider that their bodies are sending a message that something they are consuming, breathing, or thinking is toxic or biologically incompatible with wellness.



Crystal Magic Orchestra shared an item
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Then the light, pure as saphire
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Magic Wedding Vows

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Voices, Lots of Trumpets played
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Magic Wedding Vows
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Sweet as Honey Pouring Down
Riding Love to Heaven


Remarkable Scientific Breakthrough: The Astonishing Power of Chelation Therapy Plus BRAVE: Live Courageously, Heal Miraculously.

Here are just a few of the shocking things you’ll see in this groundbreaking documentary:

  • How to heal from vaxx injuries and protect yourself, or your loved ones, in the future

  • The most recent (and censored) C0V!D news that Big Pharma and the global government have been working frantically to bury

  • How to reverse disease naturally, using tested protocols (the medical experts share all in this docuseries)

  • The simplest way to use nutrition to bulletproof your body and your personal health

  • Why the walls are closing in on Fauci, investigations are finally underway…

  • How to win the war against your medical freedom (now is the time to stand up for your rights)

  • The emerging medical practices that are proven to work

  • What leading medical experts recommend you eat on a daily basis to boost your immune system

  • Plus so much more

Also, there’s no cost to watch. The filmmakers are airing this without charge because it’s THAT important.

They want you to fully understand the truth about this virus, the vaxx, your health, and your future freedom they are trying to take away.

>> Go here to watch the trailer and see for yourself.

Your health advocate,

Donna Marie
Lead Relationship Manager
Conquering Cancer

Top 10 Tips to Improve Digestion

Did you know your digestive system is essential to the function of every organ in your body?

Here’s what the microbiome does on a daily basis:

🥑  It’s responsible for the digestion, absorption, and integration of the life-sustaining nutrients found in our food
🩺  Immune function – 70% of the immune system is in the lining of the gut wall
🦠  Rids the body of toxins – toxic buildup accelerates aging, causes fatigue, promotes unhealthy weight gain, and increases risk of disease (including cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s)
🧠  It’s a huge part of our mental health – many of our brain neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, and GABA just to name a few) are produced in the gut

The good news is…

There are tons of simple lifestyle shifts you can make to improve digestive function – so you can avoid (or even reverse!) disease, experience youthful, vibrant energy, and address premature aging.

We’ve put together a comprehensive article for you with our top 10 tips to improve digestion.

Each one has been vetted by our team of medical experts as valid, science-backed recommendations to restore optimal gut function.

The gut microbiome is one of the hottest areas of research right now – with new discoveries and breakthroughs coming out each and every day.

Here’s a sneak preview of one of the pro tips inside this article:

✨ Heal and Seal Your Gut Lining ✨

Your gut lining is responsible for digestion and assimilation of nutrients as well as providing a protective barrier.

If your gut lining is damaged (hyperpermeability or ‘leaky gut’), proteins, pathogens, and antigens slip into your bloodstream, causing various sensitivities, allergies, and inflammation.

There are some great supplements formulated to heal and seal your gut and thereby reduce inflammation, including:

✅  Glutamine
✅  Slippery elm
✅  Fulvic minerals
✅  Aloe vera
✅  Quercetin
✅  Turmeric
If you had to choose just one area of your health to focus on… we’d say optimizing digestive function is far and away the best choice.

The gut is the engine of the body – so keeping it in prime, healthy condition is the key to longevity, vibrancy, and living your best life every day.

We hope you enjoy these tips!

To your health,

Sarah + Matt
Co-founders, Goodness Lover

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This bundle contains three of the critical supplements needed for gut lining repair:
  • L-Glutamine – repairs leaky gut, enhances immune function & detoxifies the body
  • Premium Fulvic Minerals – improves nutrient absorption, binds inflammatory toxins & enhances energy levels
  • Supercharged Turmeric – soothes inflammation, supports mental health & promotes healthy digestion
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IP-6 Protection against cancer by dietary IP6 and inositol

Protection against cancer by dietary IP6 and inositol


Inositol hexaphosphate (IP(6)) is a naturally occurring polyphosphorylated carbohydrate, abundantly present in many plant sources and in certain high-fiber diets, such as cereals and legumes.

In addition to being found in plants, IP(6) is contained in almost all mammalian cells, although in much smaller amounts, where it is important in regulating vital cellular functions such as signal transduction, cell proliferation, and differentiation.

For a long time IP(6) has been recognized as a natural antioxidant. Recently IP(6) has received much attention for its role in cancer prevention and control of experimental tumor growth, progression, and metastasis.

In addition, IP(6) possesses other significant benefits for human health, such as the ability to enhance immune system, prevent pathological calcification and kidney stone formation, lower elevated serum cholesterol, and reduce pathological platelet activity. In this review we show the efficacy and discuss some of the molecular mechanisms that govern the action of this dietary agent.

Exogenously administered IP(6) is rapidly taken up into cells and dephosphorylated to lower inositol phosphates, which further affect signal transduction pathways resulting in cell cycle arrest. A striking anticancer action of IP(6) was demonstrated in different experimental models. In addition to reducing cell proliferation, IP(6) also induces differentiation of malignant cells.

Enhanced immunity and antioxidant properties also contribute to tumor cell destruction. Preliminary studies in humans show that IP(6) and inositol, the precursor molecule of IP(6), appear to enhance the anticancer effect of conventional chemotherapy, control cancer metastases, and improve quality of life.

Because it is abundantly present in regular diet, efficiently absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, and safe, IP(6) + inositol holds great promise in our strategies for cancer prevention and therapy. There is clearly enough evidence to justify the initiation of full-scale clinical trials in humans.

A COSMIC TRANSMISSION! We are Entering the 20 Core Day Ascension Portal! SEPT 16TH 2022L

We are Entering the 20 Core Day Ascension Portal!
We are entering a new higher frequency of unconditional love and harmonious co-creation and community aligned with a more multidimensional – spherical reality. The veils between alternate timelines, and past, present and future, are thinning so sensitive ones will be able to access them much easier now.  We have become masters of living in the great unknown and navigating chaos in a moment by moment basis.  We can now hold our centers and keep our hearts open even while all outer foundations seem to be crumbling around us. During this cycle we might experience a spiritual existential crisis, ego death, energy crucifixion, and being very vulnerable.  This is a temporary, but can be a painful initiation.  Just BE in a state of surrender and allow the process. It does bring great gifts as we assimilate these new frequencies.
What is the 20 Core Day Ascension Portal?
On the September 16, 2022, for 20 days, humanity will begin to travel through a cosmic chakra system and activate our kundalini.  This 20 Core Day Ascension Portal arrives on September 16, 2022 and ends on October 5, 2022.  We will travel through a cosmic chakra /kundalini system and activate our future.  We will anchor a new unique foundation stone, that has been created apart from all the division and chaos of the dissolving world.  These days are powerful and activating as we move beyond the past, and merge the present with our future.  These 20 days are the center column of a cosmic calendar that represents the spinal column of the human body and the core of the Earth running from north to south.
It burns a holy awakening fire through our chakras.  This energy descends to Earth from the great central sun and God / Hunab Ku.  Every 260 days, these energies return over and over, but each time they return with an ascending frequency, and it takes us to a higher more rarified level.  This is literally a upward ascension spiral.  These 20 days will be powerful at this pivotal and unique time on Earth where we have been pushed out of our comfort zones, and we have no control of the crumbling reality around us.  It is a process that requires a deep surrender and total trust in this cosmic process and an unshakeable knowing that you are safe, strong and protected by the universe.  When these Core days are worked with a conscious, open heart, with deep surrender and intent for the highest good, they can help anchor and manifest new higher frequencies into form.  This is why I am posting this process again to you now.
We are being asked to absorb this trial by holy fire.  We do this by raising our frequencies to contain more energy filled with light, unity, unconditional love and balanced harmony.  When we do this, we will also let go of fear, hate, division, ego, our victim mentality and all falsehoods.  There is so much available to us if we rise above the noise, and we stay in our hearts with unconditional love, be filled with gratitude, and act from unity consciousness.  We are being called to anchor to a new orientation point, a new equilibrium on Earth and within our hearts, and to anchor our higher self and our physical bodies into the new cycle.  Each shift of an age always reaches a point of profound unknowing to find a new way within the new laws of nature embedded in the new frequencies.  It is a time to anchor to our unique, divine, inner centers, and not get distracted or pulled into anything that triggers old programs or is from the old paradigm.  These are all outside yourselves now, unless you invite them in.
There will be 5 pulses of energy that will burn through 5 chakras … the crown, throat, heart, solar plexus and root chakras.   Each pulse will hold 4 days each, and each day holds one of the 4 directions (east, north, west and south).
What happens during these 20 days is this …
Fresh cosmic energy, coming from the great central sun, begins to descend into our physical body starting at our crown chakra.  At the same time, newly upgraded energy, coming from the core of the Earth, begins to rise up into our physical body beginning at our root chakra.  This process is very much like when a lightning bolt strikes the Earth.  When a lightning bolt descends from the sky, the Earth’s energy also reaches up to meet the descending bolt.  This merging point of descending cosmic energy, with the rising physical energy, reaches each other at a very powerful center point … our HEARTS!  The heart is the center of all centers.  As it should be.
Then, the new cosmic energy, descending from the great central sun, will continue down through our chakras until it is grounded within our physical body and anchored into the core of the Earth.  Our ascending physical energy will also pass up through our heart, and rise up through our crown and beyond, until it reaches and anchors to the great central sun.  This process will take 20 days.  This is also happening simultaneously to our Earth!
The beginning of most traditional, Mayan ceremonies begin with calling in, and sending love, to 7 cardinal points …
Great creator of all life, Hunab Ku.
Heart of the Heavens.
Heart of the Earth.
Heart of the East.
Heart of the North.
Heart of the West.
Heart of the South.
Heart of the Hearts, or center.
We suggest you start each day with honoring these cardinal points and God of all creation with great love and humility.  Do this as your heart calls.  There is no way to do this wrong if you are coming from the heart.  The universe and Mother Earth know your heart probably better than you do!
To work in tandem and be in harmony with these 20 core days of  recreation / ascension energies, simply envision this energy as it rises up from Mother Earth and descends from the Great Central SUN as suggested in each of these 5 cosmic chakras.
I appreciate any support for this work …
The FIRST PULSE will be from 9.16.22 to 9.19.22.
These are the days of 4 IMIX, 5 IK, 6 AKBAL and 7 KAN.
This first phase will activate your crown chakra, coming from the Great Central SUN, and your root chakra, coming from the core of the EARTH.  These days will initiate a great ocean of potential, breathe life into this ascension process, release an immense wisdom from the depths of our inner temples, and plant a seed for the intent of this process.  This begins the merging heaven and Earth within.  If we are paying attention, we could experience flashes of enlightened consciousness, and we may feel quite elevated.
The SECOND PULSE will be from 9.20.22 to 9.23.22.
These are the days of 8 CHICCHAN, 9 CIMI, 10 MANIK and 11 LAMAT.
This second phase will activate our throat chakra from the descending cosmic energy, and activate your solar plexus from the elevating energy from the core of the Earth.  These four days begin collecting foundational wisdom.  We will begin to let go, like a death of the past, and align with pure healing creation activating and transducing wisdom into a useable form.  We exit the mental world, and we enter the world of spirit.
The THIRD PULSE will be from 9.24.22 to 9.27.22
These are the days of 12 MULUC, 13 OC, 1 CHUEN and 2 EB.
This third phase will activate our center point, our HEART, now in balance between the cosmos and the Earth.  This is the CENTER of the CENTER.  These days are initiated with the energy of the cosmic moon of creation.   Information is refined through spirit in a way to make it accessible.  Some deeper issues may be triggered with emotions and heightened sensitivity.  We can either destroy or create within this vastness of creation.  It will begin a starting over process.  Health will need attention.
The FOURTH PHASE will be from 9.28.22 to 10.1.22.
These are the days of 3 BEN, 4 IX, 5 MEN and 6 CIB.
This fourth phase will now activate our solar plexus from the descending energies of the great central sun.  It will also activate our throat chakra through the elevating energies from core of the Earth.  These four days will begin with an activation called the pillars of light.  It is where the Earth’s energy will begin to knit together with the energy from the great central sun.  This phase will also be embedded with shamanic-like wisdom that is timeless.  We will have access to higher forms of natural forces from the cosmos, and we will be able to anchor it into a more usable form on Earth.  This is also where the real work will really start to kick in.  Complex human relationships could feel unwieldy as we soar with broader vision and clarity about our service in the world.  We will gain new boundaries that rise to a higher standard.  This will trigger a more honest self-confidence, assisting us with being comfortable with authority figures without giving up personal power.  During these days, we can learn to foster true community if focused upon.
The FIFTH and final phase will be from 10.2.22 to 10.5.22.
These are the days of 7 CABAN, 8 ETZNAB, 9 CAUAC and 10 AHAU.
This fifth phase will activate your root chakra from the descending energies of great central sun.  It will also activate your crown chakra with the elevating energies from core of the Earth.  These four days are the highest frequency of all 20 day signs, and they offer the most evolution … but they can also trigger the deepest work.  Progressive and controversial creations could be birthed with strong convictions, but the challenge will be to hold it together.  We might need space to face many new things that are reflecting back in the world mirror to us.  If your focus is on community, we can develop cooperation skills instead of it having to be limited to self-interest vs self-sacrifice.  Lightning flash clarity can come regarding accessing your own inner truth.  We may be able to receive wisdom from physical or ethereal sources.  We could be disappointed with unrealistic expectations triggered by our refined idealism.  These are four very spiritual days where purification will rise to the forefront and even trigger our inner healer.
The end of the 20 core days always leaves us a little frazzled, and we may feel a bit overwhelmed.  We have absorbed so much in such a short amount of time that we may need to stop and breathe and just let it all settle in.  Don’t try to force yourself to understand anything at first, because when you do, you push the wisdom away.  Just allow all this to settle into your body while the great central sun and the core of the Earth anchor inside of you.  Once you gain some distance from these 20 days, you can look back and understand where you have grown and what transpired in these powerful days.
Keep in mind that these 20 core days could be viewed from many perspectives and from many traditions.  This above process is based on a modern day, Yucatec based calendar that utilizes the 20 core days.  There are layers within layers, and cycles within cycles, within infinite, spherical time.  This is only the front page of a huge book of knowledge that we all have access to.  Keep your eyes and heart open.  This is the energy we all walk through together.
“There is SO MUCH rarified, etheric support flowing from higher realms to lift you out of all the defending noise of the crumbling world, and up into the realm of new higher frequencies and experiences.  The higher realms have manifested a new foundation in this emerging future world.  Many of your higher selves, in tandem with the company of heaven, the Ascended Masters, the Elohim, your guides, and the legions of light, have built this foundation.  This new world is your creation.  Everything beyond this time will be original and indigenous to this new cycle.  This new world has more freedom, and less limitations, boundaries or borders, but also comes with more responsibilities.  To enter this time, you must let go of all that is dissolving around you.  It is not a time to fight or judge what still is. It is time to step into clean and clear new frequencies and allow all that is new within, and rise up with a divine centeredness and profound congruency.”  … The Star Elders
If you have not downloaded your copy yet …  There is MORE INSTANT MAYAN CALENDAR INFORMATION here … 2 Mayan calendars with the year’s forecast here … It is free or by donation.

You are now living in the great potential.  
You are moving into the beyond, into a great creative posibility,
and leaving behind the cycle you were born into.
There is nothing out in the future for you to anchor too.  
There are no longer formulas, techniques, patterns or programs
to help you know what to do next.  
There are no teachers, gurus, elders or wise ones
that can show you the path forward.  
You will try to find answers outside of yourself
because you are use to having reality mapped out for you.
 It felt safe to do so.  But, that time is over.
There is no “wait and see” what happens anymore.
This is your world to create.  
You will create it from scratch, without knowing the outcome.
This takes a courageous heart.
It is time to take your first steps beyond your mind learning
and begin to create from the heart.
– A new message from the Mary Ley Line in Bury St Edmonds, England.

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AMAZING FACTS TO CONSIDER: Scientists have come to the conclusion based on what was originally considered to be photographic artifacts in our atmosphere is indeed water. It has been scientifically confirmed that immense amounts of water are entering the earth’s atmosphere from deep space. This understanding leads to the awareness that earth, our solar system, galaxy and beyond is part of a profound ecological system which is serving to replenish and revitalize our most important element- WATER on an ongoing basis.

You are invited to a unique community Global Empowering Zoom Event- Tuesday (Sept 20) – Please RSVP

Dear Friend in the Light,

You are invited to a special Zoom community gathering on Tuesday evening September 20th to share a real way we can come together to make a major difference in the outcomes on our planet.

Date:  Tuesday, September 20th:

Time:  6 – 7:30 PM Pacific Time

Where:  Via Zoom

Pre-Register Here

Why:  We will share a simple and powerful message that comes from the Christ that is probably unlike anything you have heard before. It is as much vibrational as it is verbal, and needs to be shared in a sacred group environment. I believe it may bring you hope, inspiration and new clarity, as is has for us. It is not based on any religion or spiritual path except that of choosing Love.

Shares from you and other attendees will be welcomed.

As a person of beautiful heart I believe you feel concerned (to put it mildly!) about the increasing suffering and degradation on our planet, and in our society. So many of us feel sad, scared, overwhelmed, horrified or simply tuned out into our own safe bubble. Part of this message is that we can take every bit of those feelings and honor them by directing them together toward a specific form of planetary healing over the coming 5 months.

Feel free to invite others you personally know who would resonate with supporting planetary healing. Please do not post this invitation publicly on social media unless you invite your friends to contact you individually to get the link.


Blessings,  Darren, Santon and Karen