A GIFT From Aurora – CHRYSALIS of DIVINITY Activation by Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst

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Hail the Glorious Light!

Community of Light Members, Family and Dear Friends,

The Archangels delivered such a powerful gift in their Violet Ray Sacred Alchemy with 4 Master Decodes. It feels important to gift you the Activation on its own as well as the whole Global Healing Forum, which you already received. The Chrysalis of Divinity Activation was a gift of gifts.

We have been royally blessed!

Receive Activation Now

Download for your use as inspired and to share with loved ones across the world
inviting them if inspired to be a part of our Community of Light and
Great Alliance with the Hosts of Light.

Play for 33 Days amplifying the Mighty Release of Violet Ray from the Archangels to bless, uplift, enlighten and inspire the Souls of Earth into a greater destiny potential and our world into a significant timeline jump into a more beneficent future.

Please Share Your Experience & Testimonial

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across the Earth can benefit from these Forums

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Thank you for your support!

With Abundant Blessings,

Aurora Juliana Ariel

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