You are invited to a unique community Global Empowering Zoom Event- Tuesday (Sept 20) – Please RSVP

Dear Friend in the Light,

You are invited to a special Zoom community gathering on Tuesday evening September 20th to share a real way we can come together to make a major difference in the outcomes on our planet.

Date:  Tuesday, September 20th:

Time:  6 – 7:30 PM Pacific Time

Where:  Via Zoom

Pre-Register Here

Why:  We will share a simple and powerful message that comes from the Christ that is probably unlike anything you have heard before. It is as much vibrational as it is verbal, and needs to be shared in a sacred group environment. I believe it may bring you hope, inspiration and new clarity, as is has for us. It is not based on any religion or spiritual path except that of choosing Love.

Shares from you and other attendees will be welcomed.

As a person of beautiful heart I believe you feel concerned (to put it mildly!) about the increasing suffering and degradation on our planet, and in our society. So many of us feel sad, scared, overwhelmed, horrified or simply tuned out into our own safe bubble. Part of this message is that we can take every bit of those feelings and honor them by directing them together toward a specific form of planetary healing over the coming 5 months.

Feel free to invite others you personally know who would resonate with supporting planetary healing. Please do not post this invitation publicly on social media unless you invite your friends to contact you individually to get the link.


Blessings,  Darren, Santon and Karen

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