Project Looking Glass is a highly advanced technology which looks Into Probably Futures Good news 11 Mins

Project Looking Glass is a highly advanced technology
(gifted by aliens with advanced technology)
which allows the user to input data, and see the most probably outcome on the world stage.

Both the good guys  (the Alliance) 
and     the bad guys  (the Cabal)
have access to this Project Looking Glass technology,
and they use it with SUPER-COMPUTERS 
(quantum computers – thousands of times faster than conventional fast super-computers)

This video discusses that all the possible outcomes from all the possible timelines
seem to converge, at a point in time, into ONLY ONE POSSIBLE OUTCOME – regardless of the moves made.

And that outcome, is that the good guys win.
So the bad guys (the Cabal) already know that they are about to LOSE CONTROL of this planet.


Preview YouTube video MILITARY INSIDER: They Panicked When They Saw The Future

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