Tell Governor Newsom to VETO these six bad fascistic bills TODAY!

Tell Governor Newsom to VETO these six bad fascistic bills TODAY!  916-445 2841  X 6

Just say:
VETO 2098, 1419, 1479, 1940, 1797
AB 1940: School-Based Health Center Support Program  School Based Health Centers with no parental consent. Who is liable?


AB 1797: Immunization registry  No opt out of registry for private consumers, nor undocumented immigrants. Government agencies will have access to your private medical records.


AB 2098: Physicians and surgeons: unprofessional conduct  Punishes doctors for a having a different medical opinion that government narrative. CA Medical Board already has the ability to discipline doctors for causing harm to patients.



SB 1018 : Platform Accountability and Transparency Act.


SB1419: Health information We don’t want our children’s medical records concealed from parents



SB1479: COVID-19 testing in schools: COVID-19 testing plans  Unnecessary continuous COVID testing in schools, costing $1 billion a year.


California Freedom Keepers


This remarkable essay uncovers and exposes the deliberate implementaion of MEDICAL, CORPORATE, “SCIENTIFIC” FASCISM…

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